Flying car called AirCar completes first historic intercity flight in Slovakia

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Good news for those who wanted to fly in the air for a long time, Flying Car traveled from city to city while flying historically, this flying car only took 35 minutes to cover the distance between the two cities Bratislava
There is good news for those who have wanted to fly in the air for a long time. A car that has the ability to fly on the road as well as fly through the air sounds exciting to think about, but its construction is just as difficult. However, now this dream will come true. A similar car has just made a historic flight from one city to another.

This car is manufactured by a company called Aircar and this car took off between the two international airports in Slovakia Nitra and Bratislava on June 28. This flying car took only 35 minutes to cover the distance between the two airports. Not only that, this car turns into a flying car in just three minutes. This car is powered by a 160 horsepower BMW engine.

The speed of the car in the air is 170 km / h
When filled with oil, this car can travel approximately 1,000 km at an altitude of 8,200 feet. It is equipped with a fixed propeller and a parachute. This car can fly in the air at a speed of 170 km / h. The company plans to increase its speed to 300 km / h. This car has already flown 40 hours. The car turned 45 degrees during its flight. This car only takes two minutes and 15 seconds to fly. This is the same time it takes to go from the car to the plane.

After this resounding success, it is believed that the traffic map between cities will change in the years to come. This too when metropolitan cities around the world are struggling with heavy traffic jams. Flying cars can reduce the pressure on the roads in the future and also save travel time. Companies like Uber have already announced that they are working on a flying car. These cars will be used for city to city traffic in the future.

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