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Posted: Sunday December 6 2020 12:23 PM

In a year marked by the coronavirus pandemic, Congress pays homage to the Constitution on its 42nd birthday in a different way, by taking commemorative events to the streets.

Despite the fact that the tribute had fewer guests, representatives of the health sector and public institutions were present.

From the steps of the Congress Lions Gate, Meritxell Batet delivered a speech accompanied, among others, by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, the President of the Senate, Pilar Llop, the Bureau and the spokespersons of both chambers.

The President of Congress began her remarks with a heartfelt remembrance of the victims of the coronavirus and those who lost their jobs.

In addition, Batet called for political calm: “We have known for a long time the disastrous consequences of considering the political adversary as an enemy, of denying him legitimacy, of assuming a constant and unconditional confrontation. eliminate the opposite, but integrate it and transform their positions. “

For his part, Pedro Sánchez defended that “42 years of harmony, rights and freedoms have been completed”, which is a “success for all”. In addition, he said that “thanks to a constitutional element such as the state of alarm, a health response to the larger pandemic is being given”.

The president of the government also took advantage of his appearance, in which he did not admit any questions, to appreciate the importance of the execution of general budgets, pending their final approval in Congress after their passage through the Senate.

On this occasion, the traditional visits of citizens to the Lower House were not repeated during these holidays, which will remain for later.

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