Food menus for the office are moving on Father’s Day

From March 9 to 17, TupTup offers a special menu and a 20% reduction on the occasion of Father’s Day celebrated on Friday March 19.

BY RRHHDigital, 05:00 – 12 March 2021

This year, Spanish workers will celebrate Father’s Day in a very different way. Whether you are in the office or telecommuting from home, on such special dates a menu of kings could not be missing. However, the restrictions and concerns lead many to put restaurant plans aside and decide to get together, in the office or at home, to taste and celebrate.

Thinking of all these workers and their families, TupTup, the healthy home delivery service with order availability for all of Spain, is launching a special menu to celebrate Father’s Day without leaving home. These are varied dishes designed to be enjoyed with the whole family, or even as a gift at home for parents if they cannot meet them on such a special day.

In addition, to encourage the celebration of Father’s Day at home, the startup home taper offers a 20% discount on all orders placed through the site with the code TUPDIADELPADRE.

A menu designed for the best parents in the world

The TupTup team, led by main chef Pedro Sarabia, included several dishes especially for this special day: two starters to share, a main course and for dessert, a classic. On the web, a section is activated so that these dishes created for the occasion can be selected more easily:

To start, TupTup offers in its menu a potato salad with ali-oli sauce, crumbled cod, a touch of sweet paprika, chives and virgin olive oil, as well as peppers stuffed with crab. spider seafood sauce. The main course is a mustard glazed shank with mashed potatoes and apple. Slowly roasted meat with a layer of honey and mustard to make it honeyed, accompanied by an intense sauce and a garnish of soft mashed potatoes and apples. And the final highlight comes with the Tarta de Santiago, one of the quintessential desserts of traditional Galician cuisine.

The menu, like all TupTup dishes, also has the approval of the company’s team of nutritionists. “With this special Father’s Day menu, we want to give families the opportunity to celebrate a special date like this without leaving home and without endangering anyone, especially the elderly. It is perfect to enjoy with the family or as a gift, and that our parents can enjoy it at home without having to cook or shop, but while eating delicious and healthy ”, explains José Carlos Fuertes, founding partner of TupTup.

Father’s Day dishes are already available on the web with around thirty recipes of the best dishes on the market, both nationally and internationally.

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