Footage of the attack on an Urban Guard van with an officer inside

Publication: Sunday February 28, 2021 6:25 PM

Another night of riots and vandalism in Catalonia has left an image that may well end in tragedy when a group of violent men attacked a Barcelona City Guard police station. In the area, a van was the main target of the attacks, a vehicle at which incendiary objects were thrown.

The events took place at the end of the mobilization against the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél. At approximately 8:15 p.m., the violent men painted the vehicle and attempted to set it on fire while an officer was inside.

“Son of a bitch! Run away, bastard!” The vandals shouted at him, as we can see in the video accompanying these lines. Fortunately, the officer managed to get out of the vehicle on his own before the situation escalated.

As a result of these disturbances, 14 people have been arrested in recent hours and six Mossos agents have been slightly injured, according to the latest assessment made this Sunday by the Catalan police and emergency services. Sources from the Medical Emergency System (SEM), for their part, reported that during the riots they treated five people, one of whom was transferred to a hospital in a less serious condition and four were treated at the scene of the events. for voluntary discharge.

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