Footprints discovered of the last dinosaurs to walk on UK soil

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In Britain, the footprints of the last dinosaurs were found 110 million years ago, researchers claim in a new report that the footprints of these dinosaurs were found on the coastal area and rocks of Folkestone, Kent , London
The footprints of at least six different species of the last dinosaurs dating back to 110 million years ago have been found on the soil of Kent in Britain. Researchers have said so in a new report. A curator from the Hastings Museum and Art Gallery and a scientist from the University of Portsmouth have discovered the footprints of the last dinosaurs in Britain.

These footprints were found on coastal areas and rocks in Folkestone, Kent. Here, new fossils are constantly being discovered due to the impact of rocks and coastal waters due to stormy conditions. “This is the first time that these footprints have been found on a rocky surface called the Folkestone Formation and it is a very important find because these dinosaurs may have been the last in the country before their extinction,” said David Martil. , professor of paleontology. at the University of Portsmouth.

“They were walking near where the White Rocks of Dover are now,” he said. The next time you go sailing and see these magnificent rocks, imagine their presence nearby. ‘ The related report is published in this week’s issue of Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association. Some dinosaur footprints are also on display at the Folkestone Museum. Its main author is Philip Headland, curator at the Hastings Museum and Art Gallery.

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