“For me, the success will be that socialism does not enter Madrid”

Publication: Sunday, March 14, 2021 3:04 AM

Isabel Díaz Ayuso once again raises her motto of “socialism or freedom” and clarifies that it is not about “Sánchez or Ayuso” in possible elections in the Community of Madrid.

In an interview on ABC, the regional president denounces that since the first day she became president, there has been “a personal and political hunt” against her.

Díaz Ayuso on the one hand has “regrets for everything that happened, because he fell, he was blown up, there was a change in a government team that he had so far and for which I firmly bet “.

On the other, it shows a “deep illusion”. “I prefer that the future of Madrid is in the hands of the citizens and in that sense I am convinced that it will go well because it will be what they want,” he said in the interview.

Popular politics say he wanted to be in the entire legislature and bet on the coalition. “It saddens me that it’s over, but I also have a responsibility that Madrid remain in the hands of the liberal center-right,” he added.

“I was not eager to call an election, I had a roadmap for the entire legislature … but I am aware that my partners have never shown me loyalty and given the situation in Murcia I was convinced that this was going to happen to me, at this moment and with any excuse, ”declared the president of Madrid.

“For me,” he adds, “the success will be that socialism does not enter Madrid because it has shown us that when it manages it, it sinks the economy and worsens the crisis, which is the last thing the Spanish capital needs “.

The compatibility of the next electoral campaign and the management of the pandemic is guaranteed because, in the opinion of Díaz Ayuso, “the team of the Community of Madrid is at the forefront, the deputy advisers and the COVID plan are pursue and the candidate and the party will be focused on her. “

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