For one in four Spaniards, being recognized as a successful person is what makes them happiest

For one in four Spaniards, being recognized as a successful person is what makes them happiest

Likewise, physical and mental health, as well as relationships and relationships with children, are among the top reasons to be happy.

BY RRHHDigital, 15:30 – 06 July 2021

Spain does not stand out as one of the happiest countries in the world. This is deduced according to the latest edition of the Global Happiness Index, published since 2012 by the UN from a survey conducted by the American consultancy firm Gallup, which places Spain at the 24th position in the ranking, behind countries like Finland, which stands out in first place for the fourth consecutive year, Iceland, Denmark or Switzerland. Despite this, it is curious that after a global pandemic, the Spaniards have climbed positions in the last year, – more precisely, the country increases by 3 positions in the ranking -, being happier in 2020 than in 2019 .

As for what makes us happier, physical and mental health emerge as the main reason to be happy (55%), relationships with a partner and relationships with children (49%), that life has meaning. (48%) and be recognized as a successful person (24%), according to the latest Global Happiness 2020 report prepared by multinational market research firm Ipsos. On the other hand, the idea of ​​moving to another country (7%), time spent on social networks (9%) or religious / spiritual well-being (14%) stand out among the aspects that make us less happy.

But how important is the pursuit or achievement of happiness in society? Should we look for it or does it depend on other external factors? Thousands of people wonder every day how to be happier, if it is in their power and what they can do to achieve such a state of fulfillment, however, today it is difficult to give a strong answer to this subject.

With the aim of shedding more light on this subject, ngel Rielo, recognized felicitous, launches his podcast Yo para ser feliz, available exclusively on the Podimo platform. In it, the expert will offer his listeners different tools to be happier and count on the interventions of renowned teachers, psychologists and experts from the University of Life such as the popular coach Paz Calap, Father Angel. , the occupational therapist specializing in cognitive stimulation. and brain training expert, Catalina Hoffmann or the creator and CEO of, Anxo Prez.

Likewise, the podcast will serve as an open classroom where listeners can apply some of the “urges” – not homework, as defined by Rielo – by coming up with new formulas for engaging emotions.

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