Forbes recognizes Brother as one of the ‘world’s best workplaces’ in 2020

Forbes recognizes Brother as one of the ‘world’s best workplaces’ in 2020

Brother Industries, Ltd. announced that it was included in the 2020 ranking of “Best Workplaces in the World” by Forbes magazine in collaboration with Statista. This is the fourth year that this list has been published, and the first time that Brother has been recognized as one of the best companies to work for in the world, ranking 130 among the 750 organizations and multinationals based in 45 countries that make up the ranking.

“We are proud that Brother is on the list of the best places to work in the world,” said Ichiro Sasaki, president of the company. “It is a reflection of our values ​​and our commitment to our people, who represent Brother’s ‘By Your Side’ philosophy.”

To perform the ranking, 160,000 employees working full or part time in companies operating in several states and regions in 58 countries were surveyed. The survey was carried out by German market research firm Statista between June and July. The workers interviewed expressed their willingness to recommend their company to family and friends, and assessed how their company had responded to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, and other aspects such as the image of their company, economic impact, talent development, gender equality and social responsibility.

Since its inception as a Brother group, the company has confidently taken on the challenges it has faced and adapted to changing times and environments, while continuing to expand into new markets. Since the start of the pandemic, the Brother Group has implemented several security measures against COVID-19 at its facilities, including the distribution of masks to employees and necessary updates to processes and policies to keep them safe. . The entire staff is made up of the best talents and reflects a culture of collaboration, which remains committed to the constant provision of value-added solutions, thanks to its philosophy which puts the customer at the center.

“At Brother, we continually strive to reward, motivate and recognize our employees, and to create meaningful solutions to improve and enrich the lives of workers, customers and communities,” Sasaki continues. “As a global company, we know that our values ​​will guide our priorities and our activities. This recognition is very important to us and we take great pride in knowing how our employees around the world feel when working for the Brother Group. “

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