Foreign Affairs urgently summons Moroccan ambassador to Spain

Updated: Tuesday, May 18, 2021 1:24 PM

Posted on: 18.05.2021 13:18

Foreign Minister Arancha González Laya urgently summoned the Moroccan ambassador to Spain.

While laSexta can move forward, the meeting is taking place right now, with the migration crisis and the massive influx of migrants to Ceuta that took place yesterday as a backdrop.

This meeting is the first step of the government to recognize the Moroccan hand behind the arrival of 6,000 people in the autonomous city. As announced by the Minister of the Interior, 2,700 of them have already been dismissed following “established channels”.

The fact is that everything indicates that this arrival was not fortuitous. Relations between Spain and Morocco are currently going through one of their worst times; in large part, by a character foreign to the hundreds of families who risk their lives to gain access to Spanish territory: the secretary general of the Polisario Front, Brahim Gali.

Just a few weeks ago, on April 23, Gali was hospitalized in a center in La Rioja for coronavirus. This “humanitarian action”, in the words of Minister González Laya, must not have caused the arrival of immigrants. But it also coincided with the greater escalation of tension between Morocco and the Polisario Front, which last November broke a three-decade ceasefire.

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