Foreign newspapers, printed on Mamta Banerjee’s victory, said – Narendra Modi failed to stop Corona, Milli Karaikist – Mamata Banerjee wins West Bengal assembly elections Know Bangladesh and global media reaction

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The victory of TMC leader Mamata Banerjee’s party and its own defeat made media headlines around the world on the front page of Bangladesh, alongside West Bengal.
The victory of TMC leader Mamata Banerjee’s party in the make-or-die battle of the West Bengal assembly election and its own defeat made headlines around the world. In neighboring Bangladesh West Bengal, on the front page, the newspapers took the lead on the news of Mamata’s victory and defeat. At the same time, many other newspapers around the world have blamed the failure of the Modi government to defeat the Corona virus for the defeat of the BJP in West Bengal.

Bangladesh’s leading English newspaper, Daily Star, wrote in its main article: “Mamta’s Bitter Victory”. The newspaper wrote: “Mamata Banerjee had to face defeat in the violent blows of Nandigram, but this miraculous congressional leader from Trinamool brought her party to power for the third time in West Bengal. Mamta Banerjee single-handedly defeated the Narendra Modi wave with her patience and political acumen. This too when the Bharatiya Janata party withdrew the entire army from its leaders.
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“ Modi focuses on elections rather than the corona epidemic ”
The Bengali newspapers also made Mamta’s victory the main story. Let me tell you that during the elections in West Bengal, Prime Minister Modi visited Bangladesh and he tried to help the local Bengali Matua community. Alajjira wrote: “Mamata Banerjee defeated BGP in West Bengal as it reached the peak of the corona epidemic in India”.
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Alajjira wrote: “Instead of focusing on the Corona outbreak in Modi, there are critics for focusing on the elections.” The BBC wrote: ‘Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party has proven to be a serious failure in a large state like West Bengal amid a record number of deaths from the corona virus. During the election campaign, the BGP exerted its full force in West Bengal, but their rival Mamata Banerjee defeated them bitterly. Modi is accused of focusing on the election rather than the corona virus outbreak.

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