Fossils of marine animals: discovery of fossils of marine animals millions of years old

There were many such creatures in the ancient history of the earth that went extinct and we never knew them. Similar traces have been found in the ‘Treasure’ limestone quarry in the Coswalds region of Great Britain. Archaeologists have found a deposit of fossils there. Buried here were sea creatures from the Jurassic period, which today look like aliens. Millions of these invertebrates have been found here, which do not have a backbone.

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These include the ancestors of organisms such as today’s starfish, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, and water lilies. According to the researchers, this whole life ended together because of a mysterious disaster. These creatures are believed to have been buried in a landslide due to an earthquake-like event around 167 million years ago and today their fossils have been found preserved at the same stage of their life.

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The discovery was made by fossil researchers Neville Hollingworth and his wife Sally while hiking. Tim Evin, archaeologist and senior curator at the Natural History Museum in London, told the BBC the creatures may have tried to defend themselves but were buried alive under the sediment. Due to what event this happened it is not yet known, but the researchers say that if instead of being buried underground like this they would have died normally, then their fossils would not have been found. .

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The site dates back to the Jurassic Period (20 to 145 million years ago) when there was a period of radical change. More than half of aquatic life became extinct in a catastrophic event at the end of the Triassic Period, and echinoderms began to flourish. Arms came out of their bodies in groups of five, which caught the passing prey. Of these, creatures like starfish and sea cucumbers went to the bottom and the water lilies stayed in one place and waited for prey.

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