Four basic recommendations for taking care of the postural hygiene of workers

Four basic recommendations for taking care of the postural hygiene of workers

More and more people are suffering from back problems or pain on a daily basis due to poor posture. Most of them work seated at the computer, either at the company itself or, in recent times, telework from home. Adding to this daily car trips, the number of hours workers and drivers spend at the same job has increased significantly, exposing them to more muscle pain as well.

For this reason, ALD Automotive, a rental and fleet management company, through its ALD Healthy program, promotes workshops organized by the company Fisiohogar for employees, in order to improve good posture habits in chairs and seats. . The back school revealed that back problems were reduced by 60% among the participants after attending the workshop. In addition, among participants who had a disability caused by back injuries, these were reduced from 78% to 40%.

In view of the good results obtained and the effectiveness of the measures applied, ALD Automotive provides a series of basic guidelines allowing drivers and workers to take care of their position both at the wheel and during their working hours. These are recommendations which, in addition to being essential for the health and well-being of drivers and workers, result in greater efficiency behind the wheel and greater productivity during the working day.

1. Correct seat adjustment

While sitting, it is necessary to check the height of the chair and its inclination.

In the car. The height of the seat should favor the driver’s field of vision, which should be halfway up the windshield. The backrest, vertically, should have a slight backward tilt of 20 degrees. In the case of the car seat, the distance to the steering wheel must be taken into account: it must allow the driver to access all of the vehicle’s controls with his back leaning against the backrest, holding the steering wheel with his elbows semi-flexed at a 45 degree angle. At work. The chair, which should be adjustable and ergonomic, should allow the backrest to be kept close to the backrest with the spine as straight as possible. Shoulders and elbows should be at a 90 degree angle, slightly bent and close to the body. The distance between the screen and the eyes of the worker must be between 40 and 60 centimeters.

2. Leg position

With the seat adjustment you can check that the leg position is correct.

In the car. Thanks to the slight inclination of the backrest, the thigh and hips should form an angle of about 110 and the knees, with the feet on the pedals, should be flexed with an opening of about 135 degrees. At work. They must form a right angle with the knees, for this they must be at the same height as the hips. Your feet should be flat on the floor or on a footrest.

3. The height of the steering wheel / computer

It is important to play with the seat adjustment and the height of the steering wheel / screen

In the car. The correct position allows the driver to place their wrists, arms outstretched, on top of the steering wheel without their shoulders separating from the top of the backrest. At work. The correct position allows the worker to have their gaze just below the top line of text. The screen should also have a tilt parallel to the face. The keyboard and mouse should be at the same height as your elbows.

4. Head position

It is essential for increasing the field of vision and increasing postural well-being.

In the car. The headrest must be taken into account, so that, without resting the head on it, the highest point of the head does not exceed the top of this device. If the head restraint is in the correct position and the seat height is correct, the driver should be able to see all of the vehicle’s mirrors without problem. At work. The head should remain at a right angle, aligned with the neck and without raising the chin.

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