Four citizens’ deputies in the Valencian courts leave the party but not their minutes and go to the mixed group

Publication: Friday May 7, 2021 12:02 PM

The decomposition of citizens continues. Four deputies from the citizens’ group in the Valencian courts demanded their withdrawal from the party today and announced that they are leaving the parliamentary group, although they claim that they will continue to “work and defend the interests of all Valencians in freedom “as non – attached deputies.

They are Jesús Salmerón, Cristina Gabarda, Sunsi Sanchis (who replaced Toni Cantó after his resignation in mid-March) and José Antonio Martínez, also deputy spokesperson. In a letter, they claim that they are leaving “with sadness, but convinced that it is the right thing to do”. Sources around these deputies tell LaSexta that they do not rule out that there will be more departures in the days to come.

Thus, the orange formation loses 4 of the 18 deputies who make up its parliamentary group in the Cortes (the third in importance in the Autonomous Chamber and the second in the opposition). They criticize that with the new leadership, Cs has abandoned the liberal principles that led them to join the project.

“We do not join the party to go along with Sánchez and all his troops, who want to destroy Spain and the Valencian Community”, they say in their letter, in which they criticize the “ideological turn of the Cs to continue to to be a crutch of the sanchismo “.

They also regret that “the lack of self-criticism” is added to the political drift of the Cs, and that the same leaders who led the party “to lose 90% of its votes in Catalonia” or to disappear in Madrid “continue to hold on to the presidency. without assuming any responsibility. “

With this movement, the group will go to the non-registered which means that the parliamentary accounts are also affected. Some laws require a two-thirds majority, such as reforming the electoral law or amending the law creating public radio and television, for which the Botànic needs the votes of the citizens. At this departure the four deputies, the Botànic and what remains of Cs would add 66 deputies, within the limit of modifying these laws which require a reinforced majority.

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