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The four countries included in the QUAD framework – India, the United States, Japan and Australia – may meet for the first time soon. The group was created amid challenges from China, but leaders and officials associated with it say China is not the only central problem. The new US president, Joe Biden, is believed to want to unite the four main democratic forces in the Indo-Pacific region.

America suggested a meeting
According to the Japan Times, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan described Quad as the foundation on which the United States will build its Indo-Pacific policy. The paper quoted the source as saying the American had suggested the rest of the countries meet online. During this meeting, the truth of the “free and open Indo-Pacific” will be discussed.

This move is significant given China’s growing military presence in the region. Speculation about China’s objection and its strong reaction to the meeting has also started.

Pompeo attacked China
According to the Japan Times report, foreign ministers from the four countries of the quadrupled framework first met in New York in 2019, then met in Tokyo last year amid the corona virus outbreak. . At the meeting held in October, then US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized China. He accused China of using economic power to dominate its neighboring South Asian countries.

Pompeo has targeted China on exploitation, corruption and pressure from neighboring countries. He had said that it would be necessary to see if this world would follow the system of international rules or be under pressure from a governance like China.

Trying to end Chinese pressure
Current US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has also held China responsible for violating the international system. In a conversation with his Chinese counterpart, Blinken also raised the issue of Tibet, Hong Kong and Xinjiang. It is believed that Quad will attempt to end China’s economic pressure policies.

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