four essential tools to improve human resources

Technology at the service of business: four essential tools to improve human resources

Sharing material through flexible, up-to-date and secure tools has become a sine qua non for the businesses of tomorrow. The needs arising from COVID-19 in the organization of teams and projects have shown that there is still a lot to be done in this regard. Coworking spaces are at the forefront of the subject, given their specialization in unleashing the full potential of their physical and human resources, and now they are also trying to do their best with their offer of digitization and development mechanisms. ‘automating.

Without going any further, according to the study “New working methods, new paradigms in talent management” -prepared by the technology company Meta4 and The Valley Digital Business School-, only 33% of Spanish companies have or have developed digitization plans in the Human Resources Area.

David Vega, CEO of Lexington flexible workspaces, saw how digital services gained ground as a deciding factor in choosing one space or another: “When we started 40 years ago, it was enough that the resident business has an office and a telephone line; now, in addition to high-speed internet and the most common technological features, companies also demand advanced solutions in the field of digitization which improve their internal processes and which offer advantages and / or facilities to your model ” .

A digitization which, thanks to this type of flexible workspace and its digital tools, manages to ensure that teams find themselves in a more connected and secure environment. From Lexington, they offer four spaces that help promote the digitization of businesses and, therefore, the well-being of users of their locations.

Online community: connecting the different members of the spaces through a virtual community is vital to give a rapid, synchronized and real-time response to the circumstances of the moment. “It is our official communication channel, a portal that facilitates the networking and day-to-day management of our clients with their respective workspaces,” acknowledges David Vega. Personalized IT services: “Digitization must be accompanied by a technological implementation strategy that is fully adapted to the needs of companies, and which, of course, allows them to be in tune with the times”, explains the CEO of Lexington. “Having our own IT department helps us provide an immediate solution to any need or incident.” 24/7 security: video surveillance, access control or qualified personnel are assets for any customer, especially if they manage sensitive data. “Safety is a priority at Lexington. It goes without saying how important it is to be in a safe working environment, where users and businesses have the utmost confidence in the handling of their property and facilities, as well as in the handling of their property and facilities. which concerns information security. that they manage, ”says Vega. Secure and automated access: coworking spaces like those at Lexington have automated access, either with a card or with a fingerprint, added security and agility for their users and which highlights the sense of digitization human resources management in companies.

Spanish coworking, 40 years of uninterrupted success

The concept of flexible workspaces has become more well known in recent years due to the effervescence of the start-up ecosystem in Spain, although it is a working system that is successful in our country for four decades: and, after a long journey and a firm commitment to customer service of the highest level, we have won the trust of large global companies that are leaders in sectors as diverse as insurance, banking, news technologies or the pharmaceutical sector, ”explains Vega.

Lexington’s flexible workspaces deliver mid- and long-term operating cost efficiency that conventional offices cannot always deliver and, in addition, they have differential values ​​such as an average space per workstation. well above the market average or the inclusion in its commercial proposal of many additional services at no additional cost for companies.

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