Four fundamental trends for the success of SMEs in 2021

Level UP Business School brought together experts such as speaker and writer Leopoldo Abada and writing expert Mader Tomasena for the Reboot Your Business online event. In it, the main challenges facing SMEs, entrepreneurs and freelancers in 2021 and the aspects that will be needed to tackle the situation of uncertainty generated by the pandemic have been addressed.

“The most important thing to overcome this crisis is not to fall,” said Abada. In this sense, the writer appealed to positivity to overcome the current situation and the need to move forward looking for different formulas. “It’s time to look for alternatives. You have to talk to people and ask for advice to improve yourself, ”Abada said. The author also highlighted the role of technology and the opportunities it offers. “Today, we have means that a few decades ago, we did not have. You have to take advantage of your full potential, ”Abada said.

Carlos Delgado, CEO of Level UP, agreed with the author and stressed that the most important strategy for 2021 will be action. “We cannot stand still in the face of uncertainty, the only thing that doesn’t produce results is to stand still,” Delgado said. The CEO of the business school stressed the importance of training and overcoming fears. “There have always been problems and difficulties, and there always will be. You always have to be ready for change, ”explained Delgado.

A defined strategy

“A lot of companies don’t spend time on strategy and the mistake is to abandon those processes,” said Miguel Navarro, Master Trainer at Level UP. For business school, it is essential to spend time defining it by analyzing the previous situation, the current point, by visualizing where one wants to go in a period of 5 years and by setting the objectives of the year. by planning actions.

For Tomasena, strategy must be accompanied by good communication. In this sense, the writing expert stresses the importance of knowing the client through active listening and understanding. “It’s a mistake not to have information about the customer. How to communicate is essential and being honest plays a key role. You have to generate and meet expectations, ”he said.

The team: a pillar

During the event, the importance of the team in a company was discussed. In this sense, Abada spoke of the entrepreneur as a “leader maker”. “It is very important to work with a team that can replace me at any time. You have to train people and give them tools that also help the entrepreneur, ”said the writer.

Since Level UP, they consider that a committed team is necessary to achieve results. Business school master trainer Pablo Carceln spoke of the need to know which tasks to delegate, the importance of leadership, surrounding yourself with the best and rewarding the team for success.

More than 30,000 entrepreneurs trained since 2012

Level UP has trained more than 30,000 entrepreneurs and freelancers since its creation in 2012. After the application of the state of alert, the business school continued its training in digital format through #EnCasaReinventoMiNegocio, an online session fortnight for entrepreneurs from different sectors live and through capsules on its YouTube channel which were followed by 130,000 people. In addition, it has organized face-to-face courses attended by over 2,000 people throughout this year.

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