four key aspects of the digital transformation of people management

Here’s how digitization is affecting HR: four key aspects of people management digital transformation

Among the positive conclusions that can be drawn from the coronavirus pandemic, leaving aside its serious health, economic and social levels … one of them is digital transformation. In the midst of the technological age, digitization has spread to all levels. And, among them, also to human resources. People management leaders have seen how their tasks have been digitized, they have been transformed through technology, optimizing their processes and benefiting their businesses and results.

All this was discussed in the webinar “The digitization of human resources in the face of the new business reality”, hosted by Cobee, ADP and RRHHDigital last Thursday. In it, leading people management experts such as Ignacio Traves, VP of Sales at Cobee, Enrique Escuin, Director of Sales at ADP, Itxaso Larraaga, Director of People and CSR at SEUR, and Mara Sánchez, Director of People, Quality and CSR at IFEMA, analyzed the current situation of its activity based on the digital transformation of human resources which is already a reality.

Next, we highlight the main conclusions drawn from the virtual meeting:

Reduce HR administrative burden

One of the main points of the debate focused on reducing the administrative burden of HR departments, as recognized by the speakers. “HR has to be there for the people and that’s why it’s important to automate procedures, payroll management, reduce administrative burden,” Nacho Traves explained with great success. Along the same lines, Enrique Escuin cautions against “the importance of having a strong HR team and we must try to upload their work and facilitate it”.

Communication and motivation, keys to the pandemic

This was vital during the pandemic. Corporate communication was essential during and after the lockdowns. Staying connected with our employees has been essential for success at work and at the corporate level and has contributed to the digitization of human resources. “We had to digitize many aspects of people management in just 20 days. The challenge we now have is to guarantee health through different tools and techniques to maintain contact with the teams and maintain motivation ”, explains Mara Snchez.

Accessibility and flexibility of measures in favor of employees

The digitization of human resources management has made all the measures promoted by HR in favor of the employee more accessible. Benefits, health care and wellness … all of this has become democratized thanks to technology and has allowed all employees of the same company to have exactly equal access to these benefits. “Digitization allows us to take care of our employees in the same way,” warns Traves. In this sense, Escuin said that “having work tools accessible in the cloud is essential in these times of teleworking”. Escuin himself spoke of the cloud as a fundamental tool to achieve this accessibility.

For his part, Itxaso Larraaga spoke of the accessibility to flexibility when offering resources to employees: “Thanks to digitization, we have provided resources to many employees who do not have access to these services. We have personalized the terms of access. to the employee. “Along the same lines, that of flexibility and meeting the particular needs of workers, Mara Sánchez declared that” each time we have to be more adaptable to the needs of each group “.

Breaking down barriers to presencialism

Finally, among the findings that we highlight from the webinar, the word presentialism has appeared several times. “It is no longer necessary to see a person physically to have a meeting. It seems normal for us to connect virtually. There we have broken down some face to face barriers that exist. We have done things that we relate to face to face. face to face in a virtual format, ”Itxaso Larraaga explained. Thus, the face-to-face culture, traditionally so widespread in our country, is giving way to a hybrid activity format.

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