Four key points that will mark corporate communication in 2021

2020: a year marked by the pandemic. A year that leaves behind a real and profound transformation at all levels of society. In the field of business, corporate communication has undergone a great evolution overcome by digitization, the severe crisis engendered and profound social changes.

According to published data, on alert, 65% of companies have chosen to intensify their internal and external communication, and to work on a digital strategy for the outside world. And it is that in times of crisis, communication has become essential to continue to generate brand image, commitment and value. However, as Tech Sales Comunicacin points out, the crisis generated by the coronavirus has imposed a series of changes and new trends that have drawn a new scenario in the field of communication.


With the outbreak of the pandemic, a year ago, companies had to adapt and digitize themselves in forced marches, set up teleworking and new tools that would help their management. Those who already had a solid structure in this direction had more ease and knew better how to get by. In the field of communication, the digitization of the sector has also accelerated due to the crisis. Gradually, “traditional” media are taking a back seat to give way to subscription or pay-as-you-go models. In this sense, “brands have had to adapt their stories and orient them towards a more agile and dynamic message, as required by new media and, all this, focus their efforts on better quality content”, explains Scar Snchez, founder of Tech Commercial Communication.

Social networks as a communication channel

Social networks have acquired a more important role than ever. Information quickly spread through them, and the messages were short and powerful. Journalists share, create and socialize their content. In this sense, news agencies must focus on creating content for their brands in an agile, fast and relevant manner, with particular emphasis on dropping “fake news”. “Right now headlines prevail, informative ‘flashes’, in short, tweets. At a glance, the recipient has the full picture of the message,” Snchez says.

Liquid communication

Organizations have reinvented themselves. They have evolved from closed, hermetic, hierarchical businesses to flexible, digital and mobile businesses. In short, “liquid” organizations. At this stage, and how could it be otherwise, communication, which is a mirror of society, has also adapted and has become “liquid” communication. Communication adaptable to the situation, which travels from anywhere and at any time, which “sneaks” from any profile and network, into any tweet or post.

Evolution of press releases

Press releases have become a strategic instrument for startups, SMEs and companies due to their media impact on corporate markets, low cost and high accessibility. Despite all the changes underway, the press release remains an effective tool for communicating and disseminating the companies’ project. However, like everything else, press releases have evolved and adapted to the new situation. Now broadcast from any platform or social network, the “informative flash” prevails over the extension and it is essential to transmit trust

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