Four key steps to apply the Agile methodology in companies

The key to its success, and what has led large companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Airbnb or Microsoft to bet on it, is that it helps organize and distribute work – and responsibilities. – quickly and flexibly.

BY RRHHDigital, 13:30 – 03 March 2021

40% of the companies that appear on the Fortune 500 today will no longer exist in 10 years. And 90% of those who were in this ranking in the middle of the 20th century are no longer there. And this change is nothing compared to what is to come.

Disruptive technologies (artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, nanotechnology, 5G, biometrics, etc.) have accelerated change in companies so that many of their managers and leaders recognize themselves as overwhelmed. “Organizations that don’t innovate and embrace technology are doomed to failure, regardless of their size and strength,” said Alana Rincn, digital transformation expert.

Faced with this need, the HR company Nexian has seen an increase in the interest of companies with which it collaborates to introduce Agile transformation into their structures over the past year. One in 10 large companies in Spain has already adopted this new operating model and “we are starting to receive medium-sized companies looking for solutions in this regard,” he says.

What is the Agile methodology

Faced with the huge goals that companies must assume, the Agile methodology is a working philosophy that consists of dividing each project into small operations that can be carried out and delivered in a short time.

The key to its success, and what has led large companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Airbnb or Microsoft to bet on it, is that it helps organize and distribute work – and responsibilities – quickly and flexibly between the different multidisciplinary teams, constantly generating value.

“The final benefit is the provision of better quality products or services, with much shorter costs and lead times and with clear customer and employee satisfaction,” adds Alana Rincn.

Four first steps to apply the Agile methodology

In order to explain the basics of this work methodology to organizations, the HR company Nexian has selected the first four steps to apply the Agile methodology in business. Here are their conclusions:

Suppose continuous change, not as a destabilizing element, but as part of evolution. In this sense, in the Agile methodology, there will be a team dedicated to the main management of the project, but in charge of making all the necessary adaptations. “And we avoid maintaining a chain method when changes no longer make certain steps logical,” says Alana Rincn. Full Customer Focus: Unlike the traditional method, in which the customer receives the work once it is completed, at the end of each phase the product is inspected, tested and presented to the customer to avoid deviations. In the Agile method, the hierarchy loses its importance in favor of agile, self-sufficient and self-managed teams, which allows high performance and better control in every part of the project. High adaptability. The combination of flexibility and high autonomy of the teams in the parts of the project they tackle offers them a high degree of customization. Unlike rigid and inflexible processes, change is very easy with this method of working.

“At Nexian, we help companies define their specific strategy and support general management to promote this cultural change in their company. For this, it is necessary to involve employees in the change of role assigned to them by the new organization chart, laying the foundations for meeting the challenges of the future, ”concludes Alana Rincn.

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