Four key tips to improve your team’s work performance

How to improve the work performance of your employees? When you think about it, other concepts often come to mind, such as efficiency, productivity or performance. But what exactly can be said about the performance? One of the meanings proposed by the DRAE (Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy) to define performance and which can be more closely related to our field of activity is: Product or utility that someone or something gives or gives . Although it also offers the following: Proportion between the product or the result obtained and the means used.

Performance is, in fact, what our people provide to us through their knowledge and effort. This is why it is so important to contribute as much as possible, both in terms of means and resources, to the achievement of team objectives. And, of course, to help the people who work with us have everything they need to perform at the highest level.

Fortunately, there are things we can do to make this happen. It’s in our hands and from Woffu, they want to give you some tips that you can apply on a practical level to get your employees to do their best.

Bet everything on digitization

The pandemic has helped us, and a lot, to move forward in terms of digitization. Overnight we saw ourselves practicing teleworking full time and today, after all these months and already advanced in the rhythm of vaccination, there are still many companies which offer the telework or working option to their employees. employees. This requires a deep organization and the consolidation of teleworking agreements, now mandatory by law, in which the conditions and remuneration derived from remote work are included.

Take a step forward

Empowering our employees is important, but taking a step forward in digitalization can mean a before and after for the company. The automation and digitization of certain tasks that were previously performed manually allows us to save time and therefore gain in efficiency and performance. Woffu, for example, is a tool which not only makes it possible to rationalize the management of the Human Resources department, but also to improve part of the daily life of the whole company, thanks to its leave and absence management system, time control, shift management. , internal communication, document management and digital signature.

The liquid working model

It is not the one who works the most hours who pays the most, but the one who makes the best use of them. Although at this point this sentence may seem typical, at Woffu we claim this model by the concept of liquid work, which is nothing more than rationalizing, listening and making schedules flexible, keeping in mind that the rhythm consolidation of projects. In this sense, management does not depend so much on the time our employees spend sitting in front of the computer, but on the quality of the work that they offer us on their part.

Well-being: physical health, mental health

We told you at the beginning that we must bet everything on digitization, but we would be wrong if we told you that we must not do the same with the well-being of our populations. During the pandemic, we relearned something very important: that the mental and physical health of the people who work with us is paramount.

It is therefore vital to evolve towards a liquid working model, which promotes flexibility and conciliation and which takes into account the needs and circumstances of each of the people who are by our side. This not only has a positive impact on your well-being, but on the health of the business in general. And, of course, increasing factors as important as productivity. And you, what are you doing to improve your performance at work?

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