Four reasons to offer flexible health insurance to your employees

If there is a reality today, it is that employee priorities are not the same as before.

Companies and workers have had to adapt to changing health and economic conditions that demand greater flexibility on both sides. The telework modality and its introduction during forced marches in a good part of our commercial fabric is one example.

However, this new reality has also produced a change in the needs of the people.

Indeed, products related to well-being and mental health are currently the priority: health insurance, online psychologists, virtual gym classes, etc.

You are probably wondering what is causing this need for health insurance. In many cases, the pandemic has shown how important it is to have quality health insurance. In many others, the telework situation and the fear of losing it have been the key points that can unleash this nervousness and uncertainty. So much so that in the Cobee report “The importance of health for Spanish employees”, we can see that 90% of those questioned recognize that work is the main cause of stress in everyday life.

There are already many companies in Spain that offer their employees private health insurance as a concept of flexible compensation. But are they really providing the services they need?

The key is to make the policies as flexible as possible so that these services can be tailored to the needs of each group of employees. Here are 4 reasons that will help you understand why your business needs 100% flexible health insurance:

Helps retain and attract talent

We are part of a very changing business world and this forces companies to launch very competitive job vacancies that somehow manage to stand out.

Offering wellness and health products in the benefits for the employees of your company can be a really appreciated condition and which helps in attracting great professionals. In the Cobee report, 76% of workers choose to have a lower annual salary if, in return, they receive perks like health insurance, psychological care or an online gym.

You take care of your employees and their families

These types of flexible policies allow not only your employees to take advantage of their services, but also their next of kin. The reality is that one of the main concerns in our daily life is that of the health of our family members.

There is no doubt that offering this type of benefit makes it possible to reaffirm once again the concern and interest that the company has for the well-being of its employees and those around them.

You adapt to the new priorities of your employees

As we mentioned earlier, the needs that employees demand now are not the same as they were a few months ago. For example, since the pandemic, it has been observed that today there is much more interest in individual transport services, such as scooters and bicycles, than tickets for public transport.

But not only that, in the report “The importance of health for Spanish employees” it is reflected that 54% of respondents reconsidered the idea of ​​hiring health insurance after the pandemic, which shows that this service has become a high priority.

It’s a service that your employees can combine with telecommuting

Currently, a large percentage of active employees telecommute partially or totally. During the pandemic, many traditional services, such as paper tickets, caused consumption problems.

This is why it is important that the health insurance you offer is flexible enough to offer services online, so that all employees can benefit from it, whether they are working in person or not.

And that’s what Cobee offers, policies tailored to all employee groups based on individual needs and conditions.

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