Four tips for setting up your telecommuting space

Telework? Probably, before the arrival of the pandemic, few Spaniards knew this term and even fewer had had the opportunity to put it into practice. In fact, in 2019, just over 900,000 Spaniards did so, out of more than 18.6 million workers in our country. A figure that has multiplied by 3 last year, already exceeding the 3 million people who telework regularly today, or 16.2% of the working population. This way, it seems like telecommuting is here to stay, but even at home we have to continue to pay attention to the disinfection and maintenance of our workspace.

Therefore, it is time that – if you haven’t already – you build a comfortable and adequate space in your home to work and pay special attention to how to keep it sanitized. Kobold, the brand specializing in high quality ergonomic vacuum cleaners, gives you the 4 keys to prepare it and always have it perfect.

1. Choose the right place, quiet and ventilated

Let’s start at the beginning! The first thing we will have to do is choose the location where we are going to install our “office”. To do this, we must take into account various factors. On the one hand, try to make it a secluded and quiet place in the house, in which we do not have frequent distractions or interruptions, and which has good ventilation. Ideally, next to a window that provides us with fresh air.

Ventilate the space in which we work and spend many hours of the day, it is essential to avoid a busy environment and take care of health. The air in the spaces must be renewed so that it continues to be breathable and beneficial to the body. The ideal is to ventilate it every morning for 10 to 15 minutes and do it several times during the working day.

Getting a workspace with a window will also allow us to have natural light, another of the most important aspects when choosing our ideal space. While it is true that we should avoid working in front of the light, so as not to damage our sight, as well as our back to it, to avoid reflections on our computer screen. This way we will try to leave it to our left. Plus, sunlight can also help kill bacteria.

2. Choose the essentials to avoid back pain or neck pain

The main thing when working long hours sitting in front of a computer is to maintain good posture and try to avoid bad habits that cause back pain or neck pain. To achieve this, you need a large table – of medium height and preferably made of wood – in which you feel comfortable and in which the computer, keyboard, mouse, headphones, notebook, pen , water … In fact, it is important to make sure that we have everything at hand, but never more than what is strictly necessary. In this way we will avoid, on the one hand, getting up and wasting time looking for objects or documents that we will need and, on the other hand, being distracted by irrelevant elements which are too numerous on our premises. table.

Of course, another fundamental key is to have an ergonomic chair with wheels, which we can adapt to our body (height, arms, backrest, etc.). This element of our workspace is essential for taking care of our back. It is also recommended that you put your feet on the floor, keep your back straight, free from tension, and your arms relaxed on the table or chair armrests.

It is also advisable to have auxiliary elements that provide us with light in the morning or in the late afternoon. A gooseneck can be a great option, as it is possible to regulate it, focus it downwards, and place it below our eye level. This allows us to see better and to create a warm and functional environment.

3. Always maintain order and hygiene

Maintaining order of all elements of the workspace, cleaning and disinfection, not only of the environment, but also of the table, chair and equipment with which we are in constant contact – such as computers and mobiles – are essential to maintain a healthy environment free from harmful particles.

In fact, 400 times more bacteria accumulate on our computer keyboard than in the toilet2. In this way, a keyboard can hold up to 33,000 bacteria and over 3,000 fungi per square centimeter3, so that an average 35x15cm keyboard can hold up to 17 million bacteria and over 1.5 million. of mushrooms. For this reason, it is essential to clean it frequently with a damp disinfectant cloth and to vacuum with a hand vacuum * any dirt that accumulates between its keys.

Vacuuming as a cleaning method has many advantages and is safer than other hygienic methods. With it, we prevent dust and dirt from rising or accumulating in other areas and, moreover, it helps us to reduce the occurrence of allergies and respiratory problems.

4. Pay special attention to decoration and other elements that provide well-being

Feeling good in our workspace directly influences our productivity and efficiency. Therefore, including decorative elements such as air-freshening plants, motivational phrases on the wall or pops of color – such as pictures or small paintings – that fill us with vitality and positivity, can be helpful. a good idea.

Other decorative items such as shelves or boxes can be very useful for storing items or work documents and are usually not a distraction.

In this sense, the aromas of candles, mikados, incense … are generally good allies to help us relax and concentrate. Lavender is always a great option! The color of our room will also help us in this process, highlights generally work very well. Therefore, white, beige or pearl gray can be good choices. In addition, they will fill it with brightness.

Just apply these simple tips to easily build an ideal space for telecommuting, completely hygienic and always ready to get to work.

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