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Updated: Monday, March 22, 2021 12:31 PM

Published on: 03/22/2021 12:08 PM

The Cortes de Castille and León are debating on Monday the motion of censure against the PP and Cs government that the PSOE has promoted, amid an earthquake in Spanish politics. The uncertainty is maximum, especially since the serious internal crisis suffered by the small partner of the coalition, only four votes could tip the scales in favor of Luis Tudanca, the general secretary of the socialists in the region.

The PSOE won the 2019 elections with 35 lawyers, but the sum of PP (29) and Ciudadanos (12) prevented them from ruling. Now he has added the voices of the two United We Can MPs in the region. With 37 votes, only four deputies would be missing for it to prosper.

All eyes are on two specific games. On the one hand, the representative of the Union of the Leonese People (UPL), which will decide its vote after hearing the candidate Tudanca, and on the other hand in Ciudadanos. If last week his twelve parliamentarians (who ensured the stability of the government) appeared and assured that they would go like a “pineapple”, at the end of last week the departure of one of his lawyers, María Montero , who went to Mixed Regroupez without leaving their headquarters.

He did so amid fierce criticism of his party leadership in the region, as they promised a renewal in the 2019 elections but ultimately ended up agreeing with the PP and ensured their permanence in the Junta de Castilla y León after more than two decades.

As reported by the EFE, the former Orange MP would have transferred to her environment the intention to abstain during the vote on the censure motion. From Ciudadanos, they prefer to be cautious as what matters is the final vote and not the intentions.

This is why the unity of action of oranges and, specifically of two lawyers, can cause the departure of President Alfonso Fernández Mañueco and Vice-President Francisco Igea.

In fact, in one of his speeches to the Castilian-Leonese Cortes, Tudanca referred to this affair: “Above all his argument in front of any opposition was that we won the elections. Not anymore. Now with a ‘with precarious Cs we have most of it. “No more. And let’s see how the day ends.”

The Socialist thus spoke of the nervousness that reigns in the ranks of the regional coalition government. “I was very amused to telephone every fifteen minutes to all the lawyers to see what they vote”, he reproached Igea and Mañueco.

For his part, the chairman of the board of directors criticized Tudanca for its ability to create “uncertainty” and “hide” the agreements he would have concluded with other political parties.

“Sánchez has a Frankenstein government. You want a young Frankenstein government,” Mañueco said. “Do you want to reproduce the pulse of Sánchez-Iglesias here? The theft of daggers between ministers? The stumbling in the room or the setting for the announcement and the rectification serenade?”

The vice-president and spokesperson of the Council was responsible for defending the action of the government and also the unity of his party. “I understand that it bothers them that our lawyers did not give in to their temptations, but that is the difference. They represent change,” Igea stressed from the rostrum. “We will last longer than you think,” he predicted.

Citizens and the PP, they assure that the motion will not come out and that they have confidence in it.

UPL deputy Luis Mariano Santos assured LaSexta that they were not considering voting against the motion, but that both the candidate’s speech and that of the government had disappointed them. However, he did not want to move forward in the direction of his vote since it will depend on the answers to his intervention before the Cortes.

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