FPS Boost to Double Xbox Series X Backward Compatibility FPS | S

We had already indicated that this generation the consoles were going to be very homogeneous in hardware and it was. But, because of this similarity, the difference will come from the software. And so we see it with the Xbox Series S | X. With technologies such as Quick Resume or Xbox Velocity Architecture. Now comes the turn of FPS Boost and the ability to double FPS in backward compatible games.

Improve the backward compatible gaming experience with FPS Boost

One of the things taken into account when designing the Xbox Series X | S was compatibility. The Xbox team wanted to continue the work started in 2015, which allowed gamers to play games from past generations. Almost all titles have benefited from shorter load times and the ability to use Quick Resume.

But that was not all, the team wanted to go further. As already indicated in October, with the new processors and GPUs, all games were going to look better and play better. But with some games, you can improve the experience without the developer or the player doing anything. FPS Boost is the key to it all.

With FPS Boost, a number of methods are used to double, and in some cases quadruple, the number of FPS. By increasing the refresh rate, you get a more immersive experience. The Xbox team announced that they have worked with developers to improve the experience while maintaining the essence of games.

While not compatible with all games, more can be asked of the game engine to get FPS Boost up to 120 FPS. On this occasion, the availability of FPS Boost was announced for Far Cry 4, New Super Lucky’s tale, Sniper elite 4, UFC 4 and Watch Dogs 2.

The Xbox team chose this first batch of games because of its popularity with users. But this is only the beginning, later new games compatible with this technology will be added. This new feature will not only be available to game owners, but also to Xbox Game Pass users.

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