France becomes the nursery for Islamic terrorists, hatred grows: Macron

Paris France President Emmanuel Macron warned that a “ nursery of terrorists ” was underway in many parts of the country. Macron claimed that the children of the terrorists’ nursery learned to hate French values ​​in an Islamic way. The French president raised the issue of “Islamic separatism” at a time when the entire country is reeling from past terrorist attacks. In a letter to the Financial Times, Macron said French teacher Samuel Patty had been strangled to death by statements of hatred in the name of a “ perverted form of Islam ”. The Chechen citizen, who carried out this ruthless assassination, was then killed by the police. Macron said Muslim children have become victims of radical Islam online education. These children are motivated not to obey the laws of the land. “The terrorists ‘nursery works in France,” Macron said, “It became clear in 2015 and I said before becoming president that the terrorists’ nursery works in France.” He said, “Some districts and factions associated with unconditional Islam on the internet are telling our children to hate the country itself.” They are called not to obey the laws of the land. If you don’t trust me read the hate posts on social media that are shared in a corrupt form of Islam and because of which Samuel Patty was killed. The French president said: “Visit the small neighborhoods where girls aged three to four wear burqas and are separated from boys. When they are a little young, these children are kept apart from society and learn to hate the values ​​of France. He rejected the idea that France was waging a war against a particular religious group. He said this war was against hatred and not against Islam.

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