France continues to make Rafale deadlier, contaminated nuclear attack cruise missile

France has fired nuclear missiles from Rafale fighter jets. This missile is capable of wreaking havoc on enemy hiding places in any weather. Since the missile test, Turkey has been in Cana, touting the American F-16. These days, tensions in Turkey and France are high over the discovery of oil and gas in the Mediterranean. Turkish President Rechap Tayyip Erdogan has also warned France on several occasions.

Rafale fired an ASMPA nuclear missile

The test of the nuclear missile launching nuclear weapons (MBDA ASMPA) of the French armorer MBDA was carried out on December 9, 2020. The French Air Force has now published its information. During this test, senior officers from Dassault Aviation and MBDA were also present. During the test, the missile hit its target with precision. Other tests of this missile will also be carried out in the coming days.

France increases the firepower of the Rafale

Rafale fighter jets deployed in the Air Force and the French Navy have been equipped with nuclear cruise missiles (ASMPA) since 2009 and 2010. France has extensively tested weapons lately to improve the capacity of its missiles . MBDA is also focusing on the manufacture of new charged thermonuclear medium energy missiles (ASN4G).

France deploys ASN4G nuclear missile on Rafale

MBDA will replace ASMPA in the coming days after developing ASN4G. ASN4G cannot be stopped by any anti-missile defense system currently in existence in the world. Its firepower and range are also high due to the air launch. In such a situation, if the Rafale fighter plane is equipped with this missile, it will increase France’s strategic power.

Rafael attacked the Turkish air base

Just a few months ago, Rafale fighter jets from France launched a massive attack on Turkish Al Watia air base in Libya. Many Turkish planes, drones and fixed-wing planes have been destroyed. It was claimed that many Turkish soldiers were also victims of the attack. As The Arab Weekly reports, the tension between Egypt and Turkey over Libya is at its peak.

Many MBDA missiles also in India’s Rafale

The Indian Rafale fighter jet was fitted with the world’s deadliest Meteor air-to-air missiles. This missile can strike the enemy combat aircraft which is not visible to the eye at a distance of 100 km. Apart from that, it also has a Mica missile. Which is capable of ruining the comings and goings of the enemy. Rafael can destroy the enemy up to a range of 3,700 km.

The Rafale has wreaked havoc in many countries

The destructive capacity of the Rafale fighter can be measured by the fact that it specializes in 7 types of combat art, including carrying atomic bombs. With this unparalleled strength of Rafael, the French air force has wreaked havoc from Libya to Afghanistan. Rafael Fighter Jet Air Supremacy is capable of stopping enemy, airborne, assisting ground troops, sneaking into enemy house, attacking enemy wars at sea and carrying nuclear weapons on them. more important.

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