France is waging war on Islam: controversy over prophet cartoons: war on hardcore Islam, heckling of French minister’s statement

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After French President Macron, a statement by one of his ministers created a ruckus, the French minister said France had waged a war against radical Islam, before French President Macron said that “ l ‘Islam is in crisis’ Paris
Amid the controversy over the prophet Mohammed Sahab cartoons, the statement by one of his ministers after French President Emmanuel Macran created a ruckus. French Interior Minister Gerald Durmanin said in a newspaper interview on Sunday that France had waged a war against radical Islam. Earlier, the French president said that “Islam is in trouble”. This statement by Macron has been strongly criticized by Muslim countries.

Macron presented his plan to fight “Islamic separatism” on October 2. He said a bill will be presented to parliament to deal with Islamic separatism. This will include monitoring mosque funding and reviewing schools and other organizations of religious groups. In this speech, he said that Islam is in crisis all over the world.

France: the Prophet’s cartoons are not supported but will not tolerate violence

Following this statement by the French president, he is opposed around the world. French Interior Minister Gerald said on Sunday that his country had waged a war against radical Islam. He gave more information on the bill to be presented to Parliament. He said: “If someone refuses to be treated by a female doctor, he can be imprisoned for 5 years and fined 75,000 euros”.

French minister’s statement creates social media heckling
Gerald said tough action will be taken against those who put pressure on authorities or refuse to accept lessons from teachers. This statement by the French minister created a ruckus on social media. A large number of Muslims strongly criticize this statement by the French minister by tweeting. Not only that, Muslims also question the 5-year sentence and heavy fines.

Earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday that Muslims who are upset by the cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad, we respect him but violence cannot be justified on this basis. Explain that security has been stepped up after the attacks in France over the past two weeks. After a schoolteacher in Paris, three people were murdered in the church of Nees and a pastor was shot dead in Léon on Saturday.

Double soldiers deployed in France
Macros have doubled the number of troops deployed across the country. The soldiers are deployed in particular near schools and places of worship. At the same time, warnings of other extremist Islamic attacks have also been issued. After the controversy over the Prophet Mohammad cartoon started, Macros, who were targeted by Muslims around the world, especially Muslim countries, attempted to give Al Jazeera an explanation by giving an interview. He said France’s motive was poorly understood.

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