France Islamic separatism: contested bill introduced in France, only mosques will be sanctuaries, schools in schools – France presents a bill to counter Islamist separatism as described by President Emmanuel Macron

The French government presented a new bill on Wednesday under which separate swimming pools for women and men will be abolished and sending children to school from the age of three will be compulsory. It is said that preparations are underway to fight “Islamic fundamentalism” by passing a law in the country, about which President Emmanuel Macron has targeted the Muslim population and countries.

No home schooling allowed
Thanks to the proposed law supporting republican principles, rules have been applied to home schooling, mosques and organizations that promote an ideology against the values ​​of France. Under this provision, permission for home schooling of children after the age of three will only be granted in special circumstances. By virtue of this, it is a question of tightening the illegal schools where education is provided under a particular program.

There are many rules
In addition, mosques will be registered as places of worship in order to better identify them. Any judge found guilty of terrorism, discrimination, hatred or violence will also have the right to stop visiting the mosque. He will also have to declare if there is more than 10 thousand euros of foreign funding. At the same time, residential cards will not be given to those who marry more than one.

Preparations against anti-religious laws
This bill does not directly mention Islam or Muslims, but it is believed that when it is presented to parliament in the coming months, it will be the subject of heated debate. Home Secretary Gerald Durmanin said Macros asked him to prepare a parliamentary mission to fight anti-Christian, anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim laws.

Changes in laws required
At the same time, the country’s Prime Minister, Jean Castex, stressed that the bill is not against Muslims or any other religion. He said the bill also proposes changes to the country’s 1905 law in which the Church is separate from government and guarantees a secular nation. He said that due to the change in values, traditions and dangers, it is necessary to amend the law on secularism and the law of 1901 whose rules apply to the association.
(Source package: DailyMail)

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