France Pakistan Mirage fighter jets upgrade: France turns against Pakistan PM Imran Khan refuses upgrade of Mirage fighter jets and Agosta 90b submarines

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France, a “friend” of India, shocked the Pakistani army. France has decided not to modernize Pakistan’s Mirage jet. Prophet angry at Imran’s statement in cartoon controversy
France, a “friend” of India, shocked the Pakistani army. France has decided not to modernize the Mirage fighter jet, air defense system and Pakistan’s Agusta 90B class submarine. Paris would have taken this step, angry at the criticism of the French president against Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan at Turkey’s request in the controversy over the Prophet’s cartoons.

Imran Khan has criticized French President Emmanuel Macron’s defense of the right to mock religion. Not only that, France told Qatar flying a Rafale plane that it should not allow technical experts of Pakistani origin to work with this fighter plane. France fears that Pakistani technicians are leaking intelligence information about Rafael in Pakistan.

India recently bought a Rafale aircraft from France. Many of these planes also reached India. Explain that Pakistan is infamous around the world for providing military information to China. Not only that, France only allows Pakistani citizens to seek asylum after a very rigorous investigation. Previously, Ali Hassan, 18, of Pakistani origin, stabbed two people in front of the former office of Sharli Abdo magazine, which featured the cartoon of the Prophet.

150 Mirage fighter jets built in France near Pakistan
Hasan’s father living in Pakistan told the media that his son had done a very good job and was very happy with the knife attack. Indian Foreign Minister Harshavardhan said during a visit to France on October 29 that the Pakistani technician should be kept away from the Rafale. India has also criticized the personal attack on Macron. Pakistan suffered a setback due to the non-modernization of the French Mirage 3 and Mirage 5 fighter jets.

Pakistan has 150 Mirage fighter jets made in France. Only half of them are in service. Pakistan has used the Mirage fighter for a long time and has built a repair center outside Islamabad to keep it flying. Pakistan recently requested the modernization of the submarine Mirage and Agosta. France rejected it. Likewise, France has also refused to modernize the air defense system carried out in collaboration with Italy. Pakistan has submarines from August 3.

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