France targets radical Islam: France has not succumbed to the threat from Turkey, strong action against the mosque of radical Muslims – French President Emmanuel Macron targets radical Islam amid a dispute with the Turkey recep tayyip erdogan

France continued to take firm action against Islamic fundamentalists, following the Turkish boycott call to strangle Professor Samuel Patty. France has targeted radicals based in the northeastern region of the capital Paris. French authorities closed the mosque on charges of “joining the Islamic movement”.

Authorities have also accused people associated with the mosque of sharing videos on social media targeting teacher Samuel Patty. The French authorities took very swift and vigorous action after Samuel’s assassination. In this context, a large number of people are interviewed and a plan is being drawn up for future action. French President Emmanuel Macron has said strict action will be taken against the culprits.

120 places and organizations searched to date
The French government has announced that 120 sites and organizations have been searched so far, accused of propagating a radical ideology. Apart from that, a comprehensive plan has been developed to verify the money received by the terrorists. At the same time, teachers will be helped and social media companies will be pushed to ban inflammatory content.

According to the BBC report, in France so far such drastic action has not been followed by any terrorist attack during Macron’s tenure. Political analyst Jerome says the attack on the teacher was different in itself. In this a teacher was targeted and that too in a very cruel way. After that, the attitude of the government changed.

A third of French teachers censure themselves
Jérôme says that we are not confronted with an organized jihadist network, but rather with a terrorist who has come to our country and remains isolated but has settled into a radical ideology. Meanwhile, a survey indicates that a third of French teachers have censored themselves to avoid a controversy over secularism.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s condemnation of Islamic terrorism now seems damning. Demand to boycott French products has intensified in most Muslim countries, including Arabia. It is reported that French products have been withdrawn from several stores in Kuwait, Jordan and Qatar. Demonstrations also took place in Asia against Pakistan and Bangladesh against France.

What did French President Macron say
In fact, on October 16, a teacher was strangled to death in the suburbs of Paris for showing a cartoon by Mohammad Sahab. After which the French president called it Islamic terrorism. He had said that Islam is a religion in crisis all over the world today. He also said he was concerned that the French population of around six million Muslims was isolated from the mainstream of society. Since then, protests against the French president have intensified.

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