France vs Turkey in Africa: not only the controversy over the Prophet’s cartoons, but also the spark that burns in France and Turkey

Paris / Ankara
The dispute between Paris and Turkey has worsened since a French teacher was strangled and brutally murdered. The war of domination in Africa is also hidden behind this diplomatic battle between France and Turkey, freedom of expression against religious sensitivity. Turkish President Recep Tayyab Erdogan, who aspires to become a Khalifa, said on Wednesday that Western countries wanted to restart a crusade.

Erdogan’s statement comes at a time when French President Emmanuel Macron has backed the publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. The Turkish president said it was an honor for Turkey to stand up against the attacks on the prophet who has always been respected in Mecca, Medina, Africa, Asia, Europe and the world.

France and Turkey face to face in ongoing war in Libya
Sinan Ulgen, analyst at the Adam Research Institute in Turkey, believes that by his statement Erdo कोशिश an attempted to show that he was the protector of the rights of Muslims around the world. Ulgen said: “The ongoing controversy over the cartoon is part of the growing rivalry between the two countries.” France has formed a strategic alliance with the United Arab Emirates to counter the growing influence of political Islam in West Asia and North Africa.

Ulgen said Turkey is part of another faction and promotes political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood through its relations with other countries. France and Turkey support different factions in the ongoing war in Libya. Erdogan is a strong antithesis of the current president, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, while the Libyan president enjoys open support from France.

The considerable influence of France in African countries with a Muslim majority
Emre Kaliskan of the University of Oxford said that France had considerable influence in the Muslim-majority countries of West Africa. These countries were the colonies of France. Turkey now challenges the same influence of France. He said that Turkey is an emerging power and that it is new. Its interests and presence defy French interests. Turkey wants to secure its hold over the areas around Libya. We have seen that Erdo ोग an recently visited Niger and strengthened his cooperation with Mali.

This year, Turkey concluded a defense agreement with Niger. Turkish forces are already present in Libya. Analysts say that for now, Turkey is trying to establish a strategic presence in the region. Not only that, Turkish companies have an eye on the emerging African market, where French companies still dominate. Analysts say that because of this, too, the dispute between Turkey and France is deepening.

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