Fred. Olsen Express has added 41% more women to its workforce since 2014


Fred. Olsen Express has added 41% more women to its workforce since 2014

BY RRHHDigital, 12:15 – 06 March 2021

Fred. Olsen Express continues to advance in management and people development as part of its equal opportunity philosophy with the inclusion of 41% more professional women in its workforce over the past six years.

Fleet Director Juan Ignacio Liao assures us that this increase in the female presence is the result of the work that the company is carrying out to guarantee equal opportunities and non-discrimination, both in the selection process and in the working environment.

In recent years, the female workforce of the shipping company has increased from 25% to 26% compared to 2014. In addition to the overall increase presented by the shipping company, the growth in fleet personnel stands out in particular, where the volume of women working in their ships has tripled in recent years, with an increase of 77%.

Human Resources Director Zahily Perez adds that “at Fred. Olsen is not satisfied with these data and we will continue to work on equality and reconciliation measures to guarantee women’s access to work in a sector of activity with a historically higher representation of the male gender ”.

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