FREE NOW and Ironhack offer over 100 scholarships to support training in new digital skills

FREE NOW and Ironhack offer over 100 scholarships to support training in new digital skills

FREE NOW, the first mobility platform in Europe, announces the “Move with talent” scholarship program in collaboration with Ironhack, to promote training in new digital skills for all. With this initiative, made up of more than 100 scholarships, FREE NOW strengthens its commitment to society and diversity, offering access to employment opportunities to everyone, regardless of their age, and thus democratizing technology. The scholarships will train over 100 people in disciplines such as web development, data analytics, cybersecurity or UX / UI design to enhance their careers in the digital world.

The program, with a financial endowment of 154,000 euros, is made up of three types of scholarships that cover 100%, 50% or 20% of the total value of the course, which can be carried out in Madrid, Barcelona or remotely, for residents of other cities. These courses will have two modalities: full-time, for a total duration of 9 weeks, or part-time for 24 weeks, in order to facilitate learning and access for all users. The deadline to apply for these scholarships will start on June 10 and end on June 30. Once the registration period is over, applications will be evaluated and the recipients of the more than 100 FREE NOW “Move with talent” scholarships will be determined.

Jaime Rodrguez de Santiago, CEO of FREE NOW Spain, underlines: We live in an increasingly complex world and labor market, in which lifelong learning has become an essential skill. The objective of these scholarships is to democratize technology and facilitate access to training in new digital skills for all FREE NOW users, whether they are young people who wish to complete their training and access the market of work better prepared, or adults who, with the impact of the pandemic, want to reinvent themselves and boost their careers in the world of technology. We are delighted to be able to offer the “Move With Talent” scholarships with a partner of Ironhack’s caliber.

COVID-19 has driven the technology market and the demand for proficient profiles in this area. According to European Union data, 45% of offers in 2021 in Spain are linked to the digital environment, which represents 200,000 jobs in our country. This is why, at present, in addition to young people who choose to train in the technological world, it is also common to find adult profiles looking for a new professional horizon. Erik, a student at the Barcelona Campus, is one example. I worked hard to become a Front End Developer. I had two small obstacles: being in my 40s and running my own business, an established experience that has come to scare recruiters, says Erik. After more than 8 years of running and managing a family business, I decided to change careers and return to my youthful hobby: coding. He knew it would be a difficult goal, but, after many requests and talks, he finally achieved it during the coronavirus pandemic; something that values ​​effort and dedication. Thanks to the FREE NOW and Ironhack “Move with Talent” scholarships, more than 100 profiles like Erik’s will have access to free and quality training.

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