Freelance quotes will increase between 3 and 12 euros from January

Social contributions for the self-employed will increase between 3 and 12 euros from January, depending on the basis on which they are listed, in accordance with the royal decree of December 28, 2018, which provided for an increase in contribution rates for unforeseen events. professionals and cessation of activity in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Thus, an increase in the contribution rate from 0.8% in 2020 to 0.9% in 2021 in the event of cessation of activity and from 1.1% to 1.3% for professional contingencies has been established.

Although the 2020 change should have gone into effect at the start of the year, it was not until October of this year that the increase was applied. In fact, for most of this year, the self-employed were paid 30% of their contribution base, instead of the corresponding amount of 30.3%.

The increase in contribution rates concerns all the self-employed except those who are eligible for the “lump sum” discount.

According to Social Security explained in statements to Europa Press, the increase in rates due to professional contingencies and termination of employment is usually included in changes in rates and minimum and maximum contribution bases simultaneously in the order of contribution , “something that during this year has not been done.”

Thus, he emphasized that, as it was not done at the beginning of the year and later nor by the state of alert, it was only carried out in October, when it was some thing that “was pending”. Also remember that the November fee included the September hike and the corresponding part between January and August is pending.

It remains to be seen when the General Treasurer of Social Security (TGSS) will carry out this charge of uncollected payments from January to August of this year. This amount varies between 22 euros and 98 euros, depending on the contribution base for which the self-employed person contributes, and which results from the addition of the months during which this amount should have been invoiced and it was not. .

Thus, the self-employed quota will, in the case of contributions for the minimum, be 289 euros, and 1,245.4 euros if the self-employed contribute for the maximum.

This week, the president of the National Federation of Self-Employed Associations, Lorenzo Amor, denounced that “if the self-employed are really supported, what need is there, with which it falls, to raise the quotas again? Can you postpone the ramp-up? Less marketing and more reality! “

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