French army bionic soldiers: France is trying to make the soldiers invincible, the chip in the head will not feel pain – the French army will create bionic soldiers to make them stronger with a microchip

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Faced with Islamic terrorism, France makes its soldiers invincible warriors Jutafrance makes bionic soldiers who will not feel pain, the spirit will quickly work The French political committee has given its agreement to the Ministry of Defense for this project
In the face of Islamic terrorism and external threats, France has started to make its soldiers invincible warriors. France is making bionic soldiers who won’t feel pain, their brains will work faster and they will be able to hear better. The French Ethics Committee has given its consent to the Ministry of Defense so that it can enter into alliances with other countries working on such a project.

France was also researching how to develop a drug that would allow soldiers to stay awake longer and undergo surgery to improve their hearing, according to the Times report. This microchip will be designed to release substances that will help soldiers stay calm. Will also increase their brain capacity.

The soldiers will not feel pain
French scientists build a tracker to track the location of soldiers seated in army headquarters. They prepare drugs such that the soldiers will not feel the pain or be able to endure the pain when they are isolated. This report warns that France could lag behind other countries that are researching in such an area.

However, the author also warns that after such a change, the soldiers will break away from “humanity” and this should be stopped. On the other hand, French Defense Minister Florence Parle said her country was not going to immediately put such a chip inside the soldiers. Parle also said: “But we have to be clear. Everyone will not hesitate on our way and this is the future for which we must be ready. Let us know that China is already engaged in many types of research to increase the strength of its troops.

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