French president declared Islamic attack

In Nice, France, a man stabbed and killed three people. A similar incident happened in Paris a few days ago. In the midst of this atmosphere, President Emmanuel Macron declared that France was once again “the victim of a terrorist attack”. He said the attack on France was made because of the value of the country’s freedom and the desire not to give in to terrorism. Not only that, he even said that France would not give up its values ​​after the Islamic terrorist attack.

The number of soldiers has increased
After the Nice attack, Macron arrived here on Thursday and announced that France would now deploy troops in key locations across the country. These will have schools and religious places. The number of soldiers will increase from three thousand to seven thousand. Previously, Macron had supported Professor Samuel Patty, who was killed in Paris and spoke of guaranteeing freedom of expression in the country.

Islam in trouble
Macron said France would continue to follow its secular traditions and laws that guaranteed freedom of expression. Thanks to this, Sharli Abdo also gets the freedom to make cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, from which this uproar started. Macron had signaled that a bill would be sent to parliament early next year with a provision to deal with Islamic separatism. He said that Islam is facing a crisis all over the world.

Three killed in Nice
The latest incident in France took place at a church in Nice where an assailant slit a woman’s throat and stabbed two other people mercilessly. Like Paris, the incident here also qualifies as terrorism. The mayor of Nice, Christian Istorci, said the attacker was arrested after the Notre-Dame church incident. The French counterterrorism department took responsibility for investigating the incident after qualifying it as terrorism.

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