French President Emmanuel Macron, cured of Corona infection, comes out of isolation 7 days later – French President Emmanuel Macron shows no symptoms of coronavirus, leaving isolation after one week

French President Emmanuel Macron has now recovered from the Korana virus infection. Recent tests have shown no signs of the corona virus. After which President Macron, who has isolated himself for the past seven days, stepped out. However, he urged people not to gather and be vigilant, so that the spread of the epidemic can be controlled during the Christmas holidays.

Macron remained isolated for a week
President Macron’s cabinet said it had completed a one-week isolation period set under the French health protocol. In a video he filmed last week, Macron, who looked tired, said he was suffering from cough, headaches and fatigue. He said that due to neglect and misfortune, he got infected.

62 thousand dead in France to date
It should be noted that the French authorities have removed restrictions related to the virus during the holidays. About 15,000 new cases of infection were reported in France on Wednesday and a total of 62,000 people have died from the outbreak in the country so far.

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Many executives, including PM Modi, wanted the health of macros
The leaders of several countries of the world, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, have wished the good health of the French president after being infected with the Corona virus. PM Modi tweeted and wrote that I wish my friend Emanuel Macron good luck soon. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Donald Trump also tweeted about Macron’s health.

French President Emmanuel Macron wins crown, will be self-isolated
President Macron visited Lebanon
French President Emmanuel Macron was preparing to travel to Lebanon before Corona was infected. However, her visit was canceled after becoming infected. Let us know that France has given considerable support to Lebanon since the terrible explosion in Beirut.

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