French President Islamist Terrorism: French President angry at strangulation of 50 people in Mozambique, threat against Islamic terrorism – French President Emmanuel Macron says Islamist terrorism is an international threat amid beheading in Mozambique

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French President Emmanuel Macron warned of the growing threat of “Islamic terrorism,” McCarran said, “Islamic terrorism is an international threat, requiring an international response against it. Paris
French President Emmanuel Macron has warned the world of the growing threat of “ Islamic terrorism ”, after being strangled by the strangulation of 50 people in Mozambique in this African country. The French president said: “Islamic terrorism is an international threat and an international response is needed to deal with it.”

“More than 50 people have been strangled, women have been abducted, villages have been looted and set on fire,” Macron tweeted. He said, “The savages have hijacked a religion of peace so that the seeds of terror can be sown. Islamic terrorism is an international threat and an international response is needed against it ”.

Killed 50 people
Explain that ISIS terrorists who fled Syria to Mozambique are wreaking havoc. This militant organization is spreading its wings across the country due to the flight of government forces. According to a Daily Mail report, ISIS militants killed 50 disobedient people on a soccer field. Not only that, the terrorists smashed the bodies of these people after that.

Slogans of Allah Hu Akbar
According to BBC News reports, the gunmen shouted “Allah Hu Akbar” slogans as they attacked the village. A Mozambique police chief told The Times that the attackers set houses ablaze and then killed the escapees. The previous week, many villages had been attacked and looted. In one incident, dozens of men and boys were beheaded by suspected jihadists.

Women making a sex slave
ISIS fighters have now reached Africa after being driven out of Syria. He declared a city in the African country of Mozambique as his new capital. They capture crude oil reserves here to increase their income. There has also been an unprecedented increase in abductions of women after ISIS arrived in this country. It is said that IS fighters kidnap women and turn them into sex slaves. In Syria, too, these terrorists made many women of the Yediji community sex slaves.

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