French president says violence against cartoons is not accepted

Strong points:

Emmanuel Macron said Muslims understand that anger for this violence will not be accepted, security has been tightened, Paris after Nice was attacked in Leon.
French President Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday that Macro respects Muslims who are upset by the prophet Mohammed cartoon, but the violence cannot be justified on this basis. Security has been stepped up after attacks in the country over the past two weeks. After a schoolteacher in Paris, three people were murdered in the church of Nees and a pastor was shot dead in Léon on Saturday.

Double soldiers deployed in France
Macros have doubled the number of troops deployed across the country. The soldiers are deployed in particular near schools and places of worship. At the same time, warnings of other extremist Islamic attacks have also been issued. After the controversy over the Prophet Mohammad cartoon started, Macros, who were targeted by Muslims around the world, especially Muslim countries, attempted to give Al Jazeera an explanation by giving an interview. He said France’s motive was poorly understood.

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‘Will not bow down’
Macron made it clear that France would not succumb to violence and defend freedom of expression, including the printing of cartoons. However, he clarified that this does not mean that he or his officials support cartoons that Muslims consider blasphemous, and that France is not anti-Muslim either.

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Don’t accept violence
Macron said: “ I understand and respect that people are confused by these cartoons but I will not accept that they can lead to violence and I am right to write, think and draw my country. Will protect He said, “My role is to calm the things I do, but I must also protect these rights.”

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Immanuel Macron (archive photo)

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