Freshly Cosmetics hires 20 developers before the end of 2021

Currently, the company of natural and healthy cosmetics has a team of nearly 200 workers

BY RRHHDigital, 12:15 – 29 November 2020

Freshly Cosmetics, the pioneer company of natural, innovative, healthy and sustainable cosmetics in Europe, will close 2021 with the incorporation of 20 developers at its head office in Reus. Currently, the company has nearly 200 employees and a team of 13 people in the IT team.

Freshly Cosmetics is a brand with digital DNA which, since its creation in 2016, has grown through its own online channel. Thus, after recording a sharp increase in demand and consolidating its international expansion, the company plans to increase its IT team by 130%, exceeding 30 professionals by the end of 2021.

For this, the company will integrate 15 FullStack developers capable of carrying out new developments from the definition to the final delivery of products; a Frontend Developer specialized in the layout and interaction of the web with the client; a Backend Developer, web developer specializing in server-side web logic who designs the base of applications to be versatile, robust and secure.

With the aim of applying the Scrum methodology to its entire team, Freshly Cosmetics employs 3 senior developers who will lead the team to achieve the best efficiency and technical excellence and, finally, the company will also integrate a system administrator to manage, monitor and improve all Cloud infrastructures and Freshly installations, in addition to defining the evolution that we must follow to develop our technologies.

To date, 84% of the people who work at Freshly Cosmetics are women and 15% are men. Likewise, the workforce is mainly made up of young people with an average age of 29.

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