Frog As Big as Human Baby video: Video: Giant child-sized frog found on Solomon Island, villagers distraught – watch Solomon Islands villagers dumbfounded after finding baby-sized horned guppyi frog human

Villagers were in panic after seeing a giant baby frog on the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean. The weight of this giant frog is around one kilogram. The frog is said to belong to the Cornufer Guppyi species and was found in a forest in April. It is said that this frog can grow up to 10 inches long.

This frog is so large that it reaches half the body of a local child. According to Daily Mail reports, lumber mill owner Jimmie Hugo (35) said he was looking for a wild boar in Honiara, Solomon Islands. Meanwhile, this giant frog has entered his hands. Jimmie said: “ I couldn’t believe I was watching this. ”

The largest frog goliath in the world
Jimmie said: ‘This is the biggest of all the frogs I’ve seen in life. It is almost equal to a human body. We call it Bush Chicken because many villagers like it more than chicken, but it is very difficult to catch them. He said this frog was captured with the help of many dogs. These dogs were playing in the jungle with this frog. He said we are going to cook and eat this frog because it is already dead. Hopefully he’ll be caught alive next time and we’ll keep him.

Let us know that the frogs of the Kornupfer guppi species are among the largest frogs in the world and are found from New Britain to the Solomon Islands. The number of these frogs has declined dramatically over the years. This has led to increased human intervention in areas of natural habitat. Not only that, the skin of these frogs also suffered a lot from washing with soap. The largest frogs in the world are the Goliaths which are found in the rainforests of Central Africa. Their weight can be up to three and a quarter kilograms.

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