from García Egea’s “open doors” to the accusation of “opening box B” to “buy people” from Bal

The People’s Party leadership receives “many” calls from citizens to join the formation led by Pablo Casado, as LaSexta has learned. This movement comes after the political earthquake in Murcia which has already caused the change of rank of Fran Hervías, who announced this Saturday his signing for the PP.

Members of the PP go around the interview with Teodoro García Egea in ‘La Razón’, in which he announces that the formation “is able to open its doors” to members of other formations with which they share “principles and values ​​”.

“From this moment the doors of the PP are open to unite the PP and the Ciudadanos from the base, whether they are affiliated, whether they are posts or whether they are supporters or voters,” said García Egea bluntly in this interview. This expression, that of open doors, is the one that would be transmitted from popular training by positions and affiliates.

Some have already entered through this open door, as is the case with Fran Hervías, a key player in the former management led by Albert Rivera. This Saturday, Hervías announced his signature for the PP to join what he considers “the only political project capable of defeating” sanchism “”.

“We cannot stand idly by. I want to do my part so that Pablo Casado resigns from the government. It is time for all the center-right and the liberals to join together,” Hervías said in “El Mundo”.

Sources consulted by LaSexta confirm the delicate moment that Inés Arrimadas went through on Friday, showing herself very affected by the way her public image had been, and seeing the changes in the direction of the Orange team as “inevitable”.

Of course, these sources exclude that Arrimadas will resign in the next few hours, clearly indicating that relations with the PP are “broken”.

The march of the deputies Isabel Franco, Valle Miguélez and Francisco Álvarez towards the PP this Friday was a before and an after for the two formations, a movement which occurred after a motion of censure that these three members signed and then star in the movement that caused an incomparable political earthquake.

The PSOE accused the PP of “corruption”, as did Murcia’s training secretary, Diego Conesa. “They knelt before their real masters: the PP”, he declared, criticism also joined by José Antonio Serrano, secretary general of the PSOE in the city of Murcia, describing the maneuver as “democratically disgusting”.

kneeling in front of its real masters: the PP “, he affirmed, some criticisms which were also added by José Antonio Serrano, general secretary of the PSOE in the city of Murcia, qualifying the maneuver of something” democratically disgusting “.

The harsh criticism of Edmundo Bal

This Sunday, the reactions also continue to take place. Ciudadanos’ deputy spokesperson at the Congress of Deputies, Edmundo Bal, accused the PP of having “opened box B” to “pay whatever it takes to buy members of Ciudadanos”.

“I tell you one thing: we are the ones who fight the most against corruption and for dignity. And we will continue here. We will fight for freedom, corruption and we are not going to budge,” warns Bal, who give up: “Others, their doors are open to pick up defectors; we have closed them for corruption.”

The citizens are now fighting to survive in the face of the possible net of accusations against the PP in the days to come. The formation will live this Monday a key day in an executive where the bases will be laid for the strategy to be followed in an unprecedented crisis in the party.

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