Frustration and uncertainty in the workplace with COVID-19

Employees Complain Their Companies Are Not Providing Tools to Address Frustration and Uncertainty Caused by the Current Health Crisis

BY RRHHDigital, 02:00 – 24 November 2020

Team Insights is a tool for managing people in organizations. Following their People Analytics and Big Data methodology, they launched a Giga survey to collect information on regulations and hygiene, communication and the actions that companies take against Covid-19.

This is an anonymous 12-question macro survey that collects data and turns it into scoring measures from 1 to 10.

The results obtained do not leave organizations and their information management in a very good place because there are many areas for improvement.

Despite the importance of protection, the figures indicate that not all companies make available to their employees all the hygienic equipment necessary to avoid contagion, nor are they updated with useful and up-to-date information. on the state of the virus.

They also don’t offer accessible channels for you to ask about Covid-19. And, what worries workers the most and has the worst score, there are no tools or measures available to minimize the frustration and uncertainty the coronavirus causes in people, many of whom fear losing their jobs. employment.

Despite everything, companies do not seem to be learning lessons from the current situation, because as evidenced by the data collected by the survey, they are taking reactive measures, instead of looking to the future to minimize the Covid impact. -19 for the future.

However, this is not all bad news. There is one thing businesses do very well: the usual communication channels continue to function normally.

If you would like to participate in the survey and see the data, you can do so through its website at

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