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Mehul Choksi, accused in the PNB scam, suffered a major setback in the Dominica court

New Delhi. Mehul Choksi, a fugitive diamond trader from India, has been jailed in Dominica. Dominica’s magistrate court has rejected Mehul Choksi’s bail application in a case of illegal entry into the country.

Mehul Choksi went missing from Antigua and was captured in Dominica. The matter is expected to be decided in the Dominica High Court on Thursday, June 3. Following the court’s decision, Mehul Choksi’s lawyer Vijay Agarwal said he would approach the high court for Mehul’s bail.

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A Dominican magistrate’s court has rejected the bail plea of ​​fugitive diamond Mehul Choksi for entering the country illegally.

“Will will go to the apex court,” says Vijay Agarwal, Choksi’s lawyer.

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– ANI (ANI) June 3, 2021

Mehul Choksi, accused in a Rs 13,500 crore fraud case in Punjab National Bank, is wanted in India. His lawyer alleges his client was abducted from Jolly Harbor in Antigua and taken to Dominica by boat about 100 nautical miles away.

Mehul Choksi, a diamond trader, was produced in a magistrate’s court to answer charges of illegal entry into the country following a Dominica court order.

Choksi appeared before a magistrate in a wheelchair. Earlier, Dominica High Court Judge Bernie Stephens ordered Choksi’s Habis Corps petition to be presented to a magistrate’s court after a nearly three-hour hearing.

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Choksi’s claim in magistrate court

Mehul Choksi claimed in a magistrate’s court that he had been abducted from Antigua and Barbuda and had been forcibly repatriated to the Caribbean island nation.

Here the High Court has adjourned the hearing on the habeas corpus petition till Thursday. Rejecting Choksi’s arguments, prosecutors in the High Court said the habeas corpus petition could not be upheld as the accused had entered the country illegally and was later taken into custody.

“We believe Mehul is in illegal custody as he will be produced before a magistrate within 72 hours, which was not done,” Choksi’s lawyer Vijay Agarwal said.

As part of his treatment, he has been asked to appear before a magistrate. This defense confirms the illegal detention of Mehul Choksi as argued.

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