Fujitsu pushes strategy to deliver personalized cybersecurity to employees

Fujitsu leads strategy to deliver personalized cybersecurity to employees

Person-based security, mapping behavior and dynamically enforcing it, instead of implementing blanket measures that hamper productivity

BY RRHHDigital, 11:00 am – November 14, 2020

Fujitsu promotes a strategy to ensure the cybersecurity of teleworkers. The Covid 19 pandemic has revealed, more than ever, the protection of work and employee data. System and data custodians face the daunting and daunting task of balancing productivity and ease of use with the security requirements to operate effectively. The question is, how do you prioritize security without burdening employees with a myriad of processes, documents and passwords?

If employees find that security measures are limiting their productivity too much, they will try to avoid or overcome them, increasing the risk and vulnerability of organizations to possible attacks. Additionally, the use of potentially less secure home networks and devices to access systems and data leads many businesses to lack secure infrastructure. To improve this, Fujitsu strives to provide customers with cybersecurity that ensures good management of information based on user usage. Person-based security, mapping out reasonable behavior for it and applying it dynamically. It does this by creating role profiles against contexts, creating them dynamically based on each user and in this way that they can access data when and where they want.

Today, access rights are generated service by service or system by system. This approach is too crude and complicated. There are now fewer face-to-face meetings, but the need for leaders to access corporate systems remotely continues to exist. General bans are impractical and unnecessary.

New “digital experience” features are contributing to business IT change. Fujitsu is creating a quality line in this area where employees and security teams work together, understand and agree on inevitable risks and plan adequate security measures, because for the multinational, security must speak the language of business .

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