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News Tip My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero: Fumikage Tokoyami, Should He Be Summoned? Analysis and guidance Published on 06/01/2021 at 1:31 p.m. A new banner has just appeared on My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero. It contains a character that is already included in the base banner, but which is quite interesting. While the All Might banner is still available (see our guide, Should I Summon All Might?), A banner for Fumikage Tokoyami has just arrived. Is he an interesting character? Does it deserve your hero coins? Is he strong in PvE and PvP? How is it played? We see that together in our My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero Guide!

Fumikage Tokoyami’s abilities

Understand the Fumikage Tokoyami shadow bar system

Before describing his skills in detail, it is important to understand how he works and the importance of his shadow bar. You will notice a bar shaped like a crow in the lower center. Here are the conditions to meet it: When you use the W – Night Hunter and E – Abyssal Talons skills, a shadow zone will appear on the ground. Staying in the latter gradually increases your shadow bar. You will understand that learning to hold on in this area is essential to get the most out of Fumikage Tokoyami’s skills, especially since the latter increases your damage by 10% when you are in it. Once the bar is full, you need to activate it with Q-Shadow Latch. The attack will have a different animation than usual and you will then switch to liberated mode. In liberated mode, your skills no longer increase your shadow bar, but your ATK is increased by 30%, your movement speed by 50%, and your attack speed by 50%. To exit this mode you can use your Q – Shadow Latch, ideally when your bar is completely empty.

Shadow bar

Tokoyami deals area damage with this trait. Then, if you use this ability with 50 or more Shadow Bar points, that attack becomes the Shadow Liberation, dealing much more damage in addition to multiple attacks. Tokoyami is then in the liberated status. You can reuse this spell once in Liberated to perform an area attack, which will then release you from this status.

Hunter of the night

Tokoyami approaches the enemy and causes damage around them. A shadow zone will then appear underneath Tokoyami, increasing your shadow bar, and when you use it in Liberated Mode, Tokoyami will fly away attacking enemies. Shortly after activation, the summoned shadow takes damage instead of Tokoyami. Once in the air you can chain yourself up using a new ability, Shadow Frenzy. It knocks you back to the ground and deals damage to your opponent.

Abyssal paragraphs

Tokoyami pulls the enemy back and deals damage. A shadow area will then appear under Tokoyami that lifts your shadow bar. When you use it in liberated mode, you send the enemy into the air by dealing damage.

Black Sabbath

Ultimate fitness. Note that you cannot use it in freed mode.

Shadow nature

Allows you to get 50 shadow bar points over 5 seconds.

Shall we summon Tokoyami?

Yes, but … It is important to understand that Tokoyami is not necessarily an easy character to play. It requires you to position yourself well and make the most of your liberated mode. However, Tokoyami is an EXCELLENT character for PvP. Once mastered it will really make your opponent’s life hell. We strongly encourage you to find it again if possible, but especially not in its banner just for him. You’ll need to save your hero coins for the limited units to come and keep your fingers crossed to collect them during your classic banner sweaters … ideally. About My Hero Academia: Tridash’s Strongest Hero, writes MP

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