Fundacin A LA PAR and Impact Hub join forces to integrate people with disabilities into the COVID protocols of their coworking facilities

Fundacin A LA PAR and Impact Hub join forces to integrate people with disabilities into the COVID protocols of their coworking facilities

Impact Hub Madrid, the network of entrepreneurs with a pioneering impact in the coworking sector in Spain, has signed an agreement with the A LA PAR Foundation for people with intellectual disabilities to acquire the professional practice necessary to develop reception functions and of with the COVID security protocol in their spaces.

The staff who perform these functions, the “COVID Agents”, are trained in specific security and protection measures against the coronavirus. They are professionals, in this case with an intellectual disability, who can take over the tasks included in the security protocols against COVID-19. After receiving 80 hours of theoretical training, these professionals complete 100 hours of internship in different companies. The practices began on February 15 and will last until March 26, 2021, in days from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Of the 15 people who make up Fundacin A LA PAR’s “COVID Agents” training program, five of them will do their internships in the Impact Hub Madrid coworking centers in Barcel, Prosperidad, Piedmont, Alameda and Picasso. Carlos, lvaro, Luis, Begoa and Cristina are thus preparing for a position that companies increasingly demand, and which includes the following functions:

Reception and support for all those who access the center. Support for COVID protocol. Cleaning and disinfection of spaces.

“Doing these internships at Impact Hub is an exciting opportunity that encourages me to maintain my motivation to learn and gain more experience”, as Carlos Zazo recounts his experience at Impact Hub Barcel, while for Begoa Martn “doing the internships in the Alameda space is excellent, magnificent, I love it. The people are lovely. I am super happy “.

For his part, lvaro de Pablo, who works at the Impact Hub Prosperidad, comments that “starting these practices means a change for me, a new beginning. I would like to find new challenges. I hope to do well “.

A first step

“We are delighted to have these five exceptional people for many reasons. For us at this time, it is crucial that we can assure users and visitors that we are doing everything in our power to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus. At the same time, we do not forget our principles and our reason for being. Alliances like this one with A LA PAR are those that help us both to generate impact directly, in this case by integrating young people into our centers; how to create ecosystems in which organizations can, in turn, generate more impact: give them practical training, visibility and contacts that can facilitate their access to the labor market ”, explains Agnieszka Lisowska, Head of work space experience at Impact Hub Madrid.

“The collaboration with Impact Hub Madrid helps us to complement the theoretical training that our COVID agents have received and allows us to respond to the demand that we are receiving from companies which are increasingly looking to cover these types of profiles. It is a very important job opportunity for people with intellectual disabilities, adapted to the needs of society and the world of work. We believe that with this new professional profile, we not only support the social and professional inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities, but we also bring our grain of sand to fight, all together, against COVID ”, says Elena Rincn, Director of Fundajobs of Fundacin IN BY.

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