Fundacin A LA PAR and Journify join forces to promote safe mobility for people with intellectual disabilities

Fundacin A LA PAR and Journify join forces to promote safe mobility for people with intellectual disabilities

Fundacin A LA PAR, which works with people with intellectual disabilities to promote their abilities and encourage their participation in society, has entered into an agreement with the Spanish startup Journify with the aim of promoting the safe mobility of this group through a car service. shared.

The agreement mainly envisages improving accessibility to the Foundation’s work center, located in Montecarmelo-Mirasierra, north of Madrid, with the dual objective of reducing the carbon footprint and providing safe transport systems to its 380 employees.

“This is a very special agreement for Journify, as it is the first time that we have collaborated with a foundation to improve the mobility of people with disabilities,” said Ignacio Zaballos, CEO of Journify.

To do this, the startup makes its technological solution available to the Foundation: a mobile application in which Foundation users can publish a trip or reserve a place in a shared vehicle for daily trips. The main challenge lies in the technological implementation of this solution in groups with intellectual disabilities. For this reason, they design, in collaboration with the human resources department of the Foundation itself, training and support actions allowing 100% of employees to have access to the use of the platform.

In addition, the Foundation considers that now is the right time to implement such a solution, because thanks to the security measures against COVID, the chances of transmission of the virus are reduced by up to 90% and it is also possible to reduce contacts. with agents from outside the Foundation, as is currently the case with public transport.

For Juan Pelez, Director of Human Resources of the Foundation, “this initiative fits perfectly into the vocation of social and environmental awareness that characterizes us so much at Fundacin A LA PAR. Allow our entire community to have new means of safe, ecological and economical daily travel, while promoting greater digitization and closer links through the practice of collaborative transport ”.

On the other hand, Journify provides the Foundation with a tool to follow in real time the trips made, to ensure that the service is used well, by generating mobility models that help them to know which are the most routes. common, how many are performed, or for how long, among other parameters.

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