Fundacin Endesa and Fundacin Integra help 300 people find work

The Endesa Foundation and the Integra Foundation have decided to give new impetus to the Cambiando Vidas program, which they have jointly developed since 2016 to improve the employability of people at risk of social exclusion, in order to extend it to those whose situation particularly worsened. for the pandemic. The objective is to improve the quality of life of 300 people through their professional integration.

With this project, they will have the opportunity to participate in selection processes in which they can apply for a job. In addition, Endesa’s employee volunteers will advise them electronically to prepare their Currculum, face a telephone interview and support them emotionally, motivate them and help them regain their confidence.

This extension, which takes place in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, is aimed at those most affected by the crisis and who are also at extreme risk of social exclusion: homeless, detainees and former detainees, female prostitutes or affected by human trafficking, former drug addicts, women victims of gender violence, young people in exclusion

The crisis caused by COVID-19 has had an impact on the labor market, changing the lives of many people and families who have been affected by ERTES and ERES, thus significantly worsening the socio-economic situation of those who are in crisis. severe social exclusion.

Some of them had found jobs before the pandemic and progressed thanks to this contract. However, COVID-19 sent them back into a situation of unemployment and, as a result, they again suffer from a high risk of exclusion.

Likewise, some could not participate in the selection process or join the positions for which they had been selected because they were infected with the virus, because their work centers did not allow it for fear of contagion, because they live with it. people at high risk or because they were unable to leave their children in the care of anyone during childbirth.

Endesa and its Foundation have been collaborating with Fundacin Integra since 2016 in other social initiatives in which training, professional integration of people in situations of social exclusion and corporate volunteering have been essential to improve the lives of more. a thousand people.

More specifically, the Endesa Foundation and the Integra Foundation launched the “Changing Lives” program in Barcelona five years ago, which has gradually expanded and is now also implemented in Seville, Madrid and Zaragoza.

Since 2001, Fundacin Integra has been helping the most vulnerable people in society to reverse their situation of exclusion and to progress through employment.

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