Fundacin Mutua Madrilea, Fundacin Exit and Agremia will train vulnerable young people as technicians of energy installations

Fundacin Mutua Madrilea, Fundacin Exit and Agremia will train vulnerable young people as technicians of energy installations

Fundación Mutua Madrilea, Fundacin Exit and the Association of Companies in the Installation and Energy Sector (Agremia) have launched “Young Professionals II”, a training program for young people in vulnerable situations that will train them as technicians home energy installations, in order to offer them a professional outlet in a sector where there are many opportunities and there is a shortage of professionals. After a selection process, the 15 selected began their training in Madrid.

Lorenzo Cooklin, Director General of the Mutua Madrilea Foundation; Nacho Sequeira, Managing Director of the Exit Foundation; and Inmaculada Peir, general manager of Agremia signed the agreement by which the program is launched.

The energy installations sector encompasses multiple energy activities where there is currently a shortage of professionals, such as electricity, plumbing, thermal installations, gas, petroleum product installations, energy efficiency, etc. The training will qualify them as installation technicians, a sector in which there are currently problems in ensuring the renewal of generations, thus facilitating their access to employment.

“Young Professionals II allows the Mutua Madrilea Foundation to continue to provide opportunities to enter the world of work to young people who have been left behind due to early school leaving,” says Lorenzo Cooklin, Managing Director of the Mutua Madrilea Foundation.

Nacho Sequeira, director of the Exit Foundation, underlines that “it is a magnificent opportunity to, jointly and in partnership, guide and train young people in professions which are a priori unknown, but with a high yield and professional development”.

For Inmaculada Peir, Managing Director of Agremia, “this training program is a unique opportunity for young people to familiarize themselves with the installation and energy sector, which is characterized by its high employability and good future prospects. “.

School dropout and youth unemployment

Dropping out of school affects one in five young Spaniards (17.3%), against an average of 10.6% in the rest of Europe, according to Eurostat. In addition, two in five young Spaniards under 25 are unemployed (41.7%), against 14.1% in the rest of Europe, according to the same source. Given these figures, initiatives such as “Young Professionals II” provide an opportunity for boys and girls who have dropped out of university to have the opportunity to enter the labor market.

The selected young people, aged 18 to 25, will receive around 500 hours of training at the Agremia Technical School of Installers and will complete 160 hours of practical training in work centers. With this training, participants will be trained to work in plumbing and in the conversion of heating systems in homes and buildings, having access to real employment opportunities in a sector not affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Participants will receive a grant to help them pay the costs related to their studies, internships and integration.

In addition, young people will receive additional training in skills, transversal skills and personal branding, which will facilitate their integration into the world of work, by a technician from the Exit Foundation, who will also follow them throughout the training process.

Previous experience

“Young Professionals II” continues the program which, of the same name, trained 96 young people between 2011 and 2018 in bodywork. Promoted by the Mutua and Exit foundations in collaboration with the Madrid Workshop Association (Asetra), “Young Professionals” was a pioneering dual training program that offered these boys and girls training and internships in associated workshops. The results were very satisfactory with 95% of the students who succeeded in completing the training cycle and 65% were integrated into the working world. The program has been recognized by several entities.

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